Hello, new year

Hello from the other side of my life’s greatest craft project, our November wedding!

We made it out alive, and even better, the entire experience of the wedding events, honeymoon, and newlywed life was nothing but perfect. The bliss is real and I wish this sort of unbridled happiness for everyone. 

Leading up to the wedding, I had no idea how busy things would get. I had aimed to keep all the DIY on a tight schedule and minimize the number of last-minute tasks. But you know how life goes. The to-do list kept getting longer and the few days before the wedding got a little crazy. It was all good and worth the effort in the end. I couldn’t believe how beautifully everything turned out and how happy we were on the day itself, and not just thanks to well-executed crafts. I won’t forget the way I felt every second of the day.

Our honeymoon in Mexico was an extraordinary escape. For the first few days, we stayed at an adults-only all-inclusive resort. Those two conditions made the departure from reality a truly relaxing and indulgent adventure. We slept in, ate three or more full meals every day (cheese plate and wine for lunch, anyone?), floated in aquamarine seas, and lounged beachside with books and cocktails. If you’re wondering if that gets old, it does. So a few days in Tulum on our own were just the thing we needed to feed a nagging desire for adventure and self-sufficiency. I’m still dreaming about the powder-soft sand, gentle seas, and lush jungles leading right up to the beachfront. What a magical time it was. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to experience that and hope to make a trip back soon.

Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, I’ve been reveling in the newfound sense of space in my life. Without a whole lot on my to-do list, I can take more time to read, write, and explore some creative endeavors. Of course, we’re filling in a good bit of time searching for a home of our own, an exciting development that gives me so much life when I think of all the things I want to do. Garden! Cooking in a space much larger than the one we have now! Feeling a sense of permanence after years upon years of moving, change, and never knowing what’s next!

All this being said, I plan to make much more regular appearances here and really begin sharing some things I’ve experienced and done. Cheers to a 2018 that promises space to expand in every direction.

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