I’m Katherine, a lifelong tall person, athlete, and writer. My friends call me Fern.

I reside in the New Orleans metro area with my husband and our rescue dog, Pearl, who is probably a Bichon. They are both very cute.

This blog is where I share some of what I write, things I cook and create, and how I live.

By day, I work in marketing communications for a law firm, primarily writing and editing. I like to describe it as “doing word stuff for fight people.” I also really love design and typography.

Writing is and has always been the core of who I am.

As a little girl, I’d dream up plays, scribbling down the plot on a wide-ruled notepad of Pepto-pink paper. My favorite school project of all time (of all time) was writing and illustrating short story books, each line typed out on computers and printed out on those screeching 1992 printers, then cut and pasted into a comb-bound book. Each page included an illustration in crayon, but that was the least important part. It was all about the words and the making.

I look forward to sharing words with you here, even if they’re not illustrated.

The rest of what I love to share is the doing, living with careful intention.

I let my twenties sort of happen to me, not realizing and perhaps failing to even think about the fact that I was the architect of my own life. I made so many mistakes, like we all do.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve aimed to spend my time in a way that makes me a better, happier, more well-rounded person. This includes eating well (in terms of flavor and health), exercising, and exploring creative endeavors. I love to sew, paint, garden, work out, bike around town, and soak up every ounce of New Orleans.

I look forward to sharing all these things with you, too.