About the Blog

I write about the things I love. And I love to share the things I love. Simple!

I’m deeply interested in self-improvement and the psychology of happiness, and you could say my philosophy lies at the intersection of Gretchen Rubin, Danielle LaPorte, and Ramit Sethi. I’m serious about making change, doing the work, and being thoughtful and mindful along the way.

This space chronicles my experiences and my focus on living with intent to get to that Best Life place Oprah is always talking about.

Whole30 and paleo eating have significantly changed my relationship with food and they’re helping to transform my post-college-athletics body.

My love for running, lifting weights, and yoga seems to alternate over time. Figuring out a fitness routine that works for me in all manner of ways has been an interesting journey over the past decade.

I’m a creator and nurturer at heart, drawn to gardening, sewing, and other forms of creative expression. Writing has played a leading role in my life and is and my longest-running hobby.