About Me

Once upon a time…

As a freshman in college 1,500 miles away from home (Tucson, Arizona), I was nicknamed Fern Michaels.

If this rings a bell, you’re on the right track. Yes, this is a reference to the pen name of a popular (?) romance novelist, and whose latest masterpiece was front and center on the shelves of a Hudson News store in Houston’s Hobby Airport circa spring 2004.

Upon noticing the book, one of my swim teammates jokingly decided I exhibited pretty strong characteristics of someone who should be named Fern – I love to cook, I love to write, and I’m motherly, so I’m told – and was thereby christened Fern Michaels.

Like Gorilla Glue to hard surfaces prepared according to the manufacturer’s directions, the moniker stuck with admirable strength. Most of my former teammates still call me Fern, a nickname I’m happy to say I’ve always loved and appreciated.

Now it’s your turn to get to know me.

If you met me in person, you might never guess I’m highly introverted. All that really means is solitude and quiet are how I recharge. My introversion and sensitive tendencies, for which I no longer apologize, guide how I approach all things life, work, and happiness.

By day, I’m a professional services marketer who focuses on communications. Social media, PR, internal news, and writing and editing content are my jam. I’ll share tidbits from my professional perspective here from time to time.

I’ve lived in the New Orleans area since 2003 and am a proud Tulane alum. I currently share a warm, happy home with my wonderful fiancé and our Bichon/Bichon mix, Pearl.