Hello again

For a long time, I hadn’t been feeling the need to share.

My voice didn’t feel important, given other things far more pressing in our world (especially since last November). Why stick to a personal blog in a time that seems less than ideal for introspection? 

But the longing to write and share again swelled over time and I think it’s finally right.

And I finally settled on a font combination I like after several months, which we all know is critical. 

This blog is a project for me to chronicle my life, particularly this chapter right before I get married, a time I know I’ll want to remember. It’s also a place to share things I love and what I’m doing in hopes that it brings some joy to you.

Like you, I’m well aware that we’re literally surrounded by bad, and my words aren’t meant to diminish the seriousness of what’s happening in our world. The internet and social media have a tendency to drag us underwater, the amplified waves of others’ anguish and anger knocking the wind out of us, grabbing us by the hair and holding our faces under the surface so we can’t breathe.

But each day, I wake up and I choose to see and feel the warmth of light on my face. I think we could all use a little more of that.

Let’s enjoy some good things together, friends.